Ghent University Association Research Platforms (AOP)

A Ghent University Association Research Platform (AOP) unites researchers from academic and professional bachelor programmes who are actively working in a joint thematically well-defined research area.
A Ghent University Association Research Platform (AOP) aims at stimulating the collaboration between several Ghent University member institutions in academic and professional research and service delivery areas. Through the platform, it is possible to make more efficient use of the available research potential, increase visibility to the public and set up a distinct research profile jointly.

In order to support and stimulate the formation of AOP’s, several incentives are provided:
• Researchers from a University College that are part of an AOP receive the status of affiliated researcher of Ghent University. In this way, they are granted access to several facilities of the University, such as the digital library.
• Recognized AOP’s that have a Ghent University coordinator receive financial support from Ghent University.

The application form to create or renew an AOP can be requested by e-mail.
More information about this procedure can be found here.

Mail to in order to receive a Word-document and further instructions to apply for an AOP.

General Research and
Collaboration Agreement

You can read the General Research and Collaboration Agreement of Ghent University Association here.

Industrial Research Fund (IOF) and TechTransfer

The Industrial Research Fund (IOF) builds a bridge between strategic basic research at the member institutions of Ghent University Association, technological innovation and industrial collaboration.

• IOF business development centres: The IOF business development centres group complementary research departments by application area of domain or expertise.
• IOF project funding: IOF project funding can be applied at crucial stages of the development track of valorization-oriented projects to offer valuable support to research results/technology with clear value-adding potential: ConcepTT, StarTT, Advanced & Stepstone projects.
• IOF council: The IOF council consists of expert-members from Ghent University, the University Colleges and the industry. It advises on the allocation of financial resources for strategic research with an economic outcome (IOF projects).

T: 09 264 99 51